At HEATS’N MINDS, we treat the privacy of our readers with utmost importance which is why we created this Privacy Policy, in order to fully disclose our privacy practices and how we gather potentially private data. HEATS’N MINDS will never sell, share, or rent personally identifiable information to third parties.



We will never ask users of HEATS’N MINDS to involuntarily disclose information with the exception of data collected by servers, web browsers and internet traffic which is required for any website to function properly.

All private information we collect is voluntarily provided by our users.



Some areas and features of our website require users to provide personal data such as name and email address. This information is always voluntarily submitted by users who also have the option to browse our site anonymously.

There are several instances in which you may need to enter personal information on HEATS’N MINDS, including but not limited to registering for a user account, subscribing to our newsletter and participating in contests.



HEATS’N MINDS employs standard security measures to protect information. Our employees can access information stored on our servers and in our logs only if their position requires them to do so and they are legally bound to never disclose it to third-parties.

Data collected and stored in log files includes various non-personally identifiable details such as your IP address, your web browser, your ISP, visited pages and the time when you visited our site.



HEATS’N MINDS stores data such as user preferences and customized access to available features via cookies.

The advertisements we display come from third-party advertisers which may employ their own cookies and web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information similar to the one we collect. This information is used to geotarget ads, as well as display specific ads based on your interests and browsing behavior.

HEATS’N MINDS may also use DART cookies to serve ads via Google DoubleClick. This service stores a cookie on your PC when you visit a site via DoubleClick advertising in order to display ads which may be of interest to you, depending on other ads and websites you’ve visited in the past. DART cookies do not track personally identifiable information.

All users can opt to disable all cookies or just certain items in their web browser settings, although this may cause some of our website’s features to become unavailable, including logging in to user accounts.



Third-party advertising companies may be used by HEATS’N MINDS to display ads when you visit our website. Most of these companies use general non-personally identifiable data regarding your visits to our website and also other sites to serve relevant ads that might interest you.

Keep in mind that third-party advertisers have their own policies so if you have concerns about their privacy practices we recommend you read their privacy policies.

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